It's time for new media

Perediza is a print magazine and digital platform

crafted by a diverse group of young creatives, graduates, upcoming writers, and artists from various backgrounds and stages in life.

The magazine under the name 'perediza' aims to make people question their surroundings and the world they experience today. We practice slow journalism and speak of the future while bridging the past with the present to address contemporary societal challenges and offer forward-thinking solutions. 

Our magazine tackles topics such as the cultural industry, mental health, climate change, media & culture, the future of art and fashion, etc. We have four main categories in the following order: climate change, art, style, and life. 

We have writers, artists, photographers, and other contributors from 20+ different nationalities.

We prioritize accessibility in our magazine by employing language that is both intellectually engaging and inclusive to diverse audiences. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support to all contributors, aiming to foster their career development and aspirations by providing a platform for self-expression of their questioning of the world around them.

Perediza includes mixed media and a refined voice for and of the new generation. Our goal is for this magazine to not only speak of London and mark it as a significant cultural and youthful metropolis but to expose and connect it internationally with other global and diverse communities.

We signify role models that are not restricted to celebrities or influencers but rather creative and brilliant minds that inspire young audiences in the right direction.

It's time to reshape media into an interdisciplinary form to transcend information in intellectual and cultural ways that are translatable to the masses. 

Aryana Arian

Editor-in-Chief & Founder

BA graduate in HAST: Humanities, Arts, and Social Thought from Bard College Berlin, Berlin, Germany, MA in Culture, Criticism & Curation at UAL Central Saint Martins, London, UK 

Francesca Nicolodi

Managing Director

BA graduate in Ethics & Politics from Bard College Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Double MSc in International Public and Social Policy at LSE (London School of Economics), London, UK (in process)

our logo

our logo is a reinterpretation of the sibyl ‘persicha’ from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling painting. The Persian sibyl was the first of all sibyls and is depicted by her wise features and secretive posture. Michelangelo masterfully depicts an aura of mystery around her and a delicate portrayal of her immense focus in her oracles.

Using her as the symbol of perediza and the cover was to portray how the magazine is fluid in time. It speaks of the future yet recalls the past. History is apparent in every article and interview yet each piece is written and constructed by young people who will make our future. This juxtaposition is exactly what made us choose persicha and modernize her.

Unlike traditional or other modern/indie magazines, perediza does not use models, celebrities, or editorial work for its cover. Instead, we have an expansion of our logo. The faceless wisdom is exactly what leads one to open the pages of perediza in the first place. A desire for more knowledge. The mystery can only be revealed by opening the book itself.

we are here to amplify unheard voices and help creatives have a platform to share their work and be known for their criticism of

art, culture, life, style, and climate change