Rosacea is an incurable skin condition that has led many people to feel insecure with and within their own skin. April has been designated as Rosacea Awareness Month, so we've decided to share our project Rosacea Revelry with you to demonstrate how rosacea does not detract from beauty but rather enhances it.

We've selected a model with rosacea and utilized various creative modalities to reinterpret the symptoms of the rose-colored skin condition.

To reflect is to transcend, look deeply into, engage, and disengage. Reflections embody not only our self-perception but also our perception of others and the world, intertwining our essence with the fabric of existence. Mirrors serve as spaces for contemplation but also a place to reimagine and redefine. Through mirrored reflections, we symbolized rosacea through refreshing perspectives inviting viewers to criticize their aesthetic judgments and engage with what it means to have “good skin”.

Our hope is for this project to inspire a reconsideration of the conventional beauty standards that continuously pressure us on what good skin looks and feels like. Moreover, particularly within today’s digital landscape, media feeds the idea of clear skin as the ideal, leveraging it to fuel excessive consumption in pursuit of an unattainable ideal.

We wish to foster a more compassionate and inclusive attitude towards the diversity of skin and the beauty of difference. This project aims to portray how media that embraces these differences can manipulate our aesthetic biases and tilt the narrative towards self-love and acceptance of our skin no matter what it looks like.

Art direction: @shengdi_cui @schen864
Creative concept: @schen864 @abbey.penna
Photographer: @shengdi_cui
Headpiece & Garment Designer: @leasophias
Custom Made Gloves Designer: @qizhangqinzo @hengdiwang

Retouch: Lydia
Technical Advisor: Tim @ csm studio

Chief-editor & copywriting: @aryanaarian