Paintings, Art, and Colors from Patagonia

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Painting, Art, and Colors are a medium to transform my inner thoughts and feelings. I am from Patagonia, Argentina. I would describe myself as a self-thought artist.

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Photograph by Wolfgang Hassel on Unsplash

Some of the paintings are more abstract than others and this has to do with the concept behind them and my emotional journeys.

Photograph by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Painting is like storytelling for me, it might be culture, something I’ve experienced, or a place I’ve been. But most of the time it has to do with my emotional journeys throughout my life. Grief, excitement, melancholy, admiration, etc. I hope that while connecting with the artwork you get to travel through this journey.

I studied fashion design in Argentina and afterward I did an MA in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University. After my educational journey, I got back to Patagonia and started doing cattle drives in the wilderness of this land. While doing this I never stopped painting. 

The only thread that has been always in the knitting of my practices has been painting/drawing

Text & Art Work by Ailin Schulz Jones

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