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2024 Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health: Transcending Boundaries in Mental Health-Multidisciplinary Approaches.

Join us at the “2024 Sofia University Global Conference on Advancing Mental Health: Transcending Boundaries in Mental Health-Multidisciplinary Approaches,” set for June 20-21 at the University of Portsmouth London Campus. This enriching two-day symposium brings together distinguished experts worldwide to explore the integration of cultural heritage, cutting-edge science, and holistic methodologies in mental health. Engage in impactful discussions, network with leading minds, and discover innovative approaches to enhancing mental well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative event shaping the future of mental health. Register now to secure your place! 


Presentation by Perediza: 21st 1:20 PM - 2:20 PM Topic: Redefine the Future: A Collaborative Vision for Change

We are so incredibly delighted to be sharing the research we’ve conducted through data gathered from our readers and contributors in this conference. We are excited to demonstrate our potential for change in the future through media that embodies collaboration and criticism.


Perediza x LSE Art Business Society 

Perediza Workshop - To inspire young students to start their own creative projects.

The Perediza team shared the highs and lows of the magazine/creative industry. Find out what it takes to navigate the publication world and how a passion project can be your entry into the creative field.

Perediza was invited by two societies (LSE Art Business Society and Clare Market Review) to talk about the world of magazines at LSE. Aryana Arian Assl, editor-in-chief and founder of perediza, and, managing director, Francesca Nicolodi talked about how to gather contributors, volunteers, and artists for zero-budget projects, and understand the basics of project management and being your own boss.

We are so grateful to have had this opportunity ! And look forward to doing more workshops at other organizations and institutions. Do get in touch with us if you want to collaborate !

Photography by: Zhenyi ZHANG



Only for LSE students 


February 8th 2024

6 PM


London School of Economics (LSE)


Perediza Launch Event: Issue ii at SET Kensington 

Our amazing upcoming event: This is your invitation 

Hi ! ☀️

We are super excited to announce our issue ii launch event final details.

Perediza is a humanities/philosophy based magazine in 4 categories: climate change, art, style and life.

For issue ii of perediza we are exploring a variety of incredible topics by some talented and reputable artists, writers and photographers.

For the launch event we’ve organized a communal, engaging and artistic event that consists of:

wine by @rawwineworld
music by
paintings by @_mariartini_
performance by @nicola.marchionni& randylesterhechavarria
after party at 10 pm at @bclublondon

Thank you @setsetsetsetsetset for letting us organize this event at your Kensington project space located at SET Kensington, 7-17 Ansdell Street, W85BN, London

Get ready for our issue ii launch event by @perediza on the 9th of September from 5-8 PM

Please share this post with your friends & network. See you!

poster design by @zkierkus



After-Party also free, we will be giving out tokens during the launch 


September 9th 2023

5-8 PM


SET Kensington, 7-17 Ansdell Street, W85BN, London, UK


Perediza @ the MoMA

We are at the MoMA!

Hi there@themuseumofmodernart🧿

Guess what guys - we made it to the MoMA ! Make sure to pay a visit to see perediza there next to amazing publications x

Big big thank you to:

For making this dream come true !!! 🤍🤍🤍

Plus@jhs.studiosfor the wonderful photos 🙏🏻




Perediza @ Bogforum, Copenhagen, Denmark




5-6 November 2022

We are at Bogforum 2022!

Biiiiig thank you for the incredible weekend last week a at @bogforum and to everyone who dropped by to support or buy a copy of @perediza!!

We are so overwhelmed with the love and amazing creatives and minds that believe in us and what we are doing !! We cannot thank you guys enough !!

We hope to see you guys at the next event or party sooon since we love our perediza fam getting together and exchanging dialogues.

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