Top 9 books you have to read

by Asta Johanne Vangkilde

An incredible list of the radical, feminist, activist, beautiful and vile, strength and weakness, war and peace by Asta Johanne Vangkilde. Asta currently studies literature at the University of Copenhagen and has shared some of her favorites in this superb list.

I. The dispossessed - Ursula Le Guin

2. Dark Spring - Unica Zürn

3. A Little Life - Hanya Yanagihara

4. Amulet - Roberto Bolano 

5. man gjorde et barn fortræd - Tove Ditlevsen 

6. The Notebook, the Poof, the Third Lie - Agota Kristof

7. The End of Eddy - Édouard Louis 

8. Women without Men - Shahrnush Parsipu

9. A Record of A Night too Brief - Hiromi Kawakami