The White Sabbath by ABINTRA 8 

Event Review 

by Francesca Nicolodi

Performer Mahlia Leon, Designer Beth Williams, Choreography Mahlia leon

(Photography by Dino Galdi)

The White Sabbath was a ceremonial event put together by ABINTRA 8 on the reinterpretation of spiritualism, occultism and folk stories through the concept of “Light.” ABINTRA 8 is an event organising collective that stimulates all our senses and more through avant-garde hermetic exhibitions filled with mythology and symbolism.

Saori Miraku (Photography by Thom Melograna)

Fascinated by occultism, I was thrilled to receive an invite from ABINTRA 8. That evening of November 17th, I got ready putting on my whitest silk, leather corset, my Jesus Christ chain and bleached tights to fit the dress code. Exhilaration carried me and my sister to the holy place where I was about to spend an eccentric night. Entering The Aether, mortals had the chance to celebrate the cycle of life escaping into this liminal space between the spiritual and material world. Upon arrival, we received the blessings of the horned priest before embracing the sound healing gong of a meditative session with Cumming Twins. I immediately felt my energy altering, my soul was getting warmed up for the rest of the surprises to come. 

Violinist: Nikolas Jokesz (Photography by Dino Galdi)

Performer Light, MUA Alena Bakeyeva, designer Laura Hack (Photography by Dino Galdi)

Cummings Twins (Photography by Dino Galdi)

The space was gloomy with a few candles giving light on the art installations symbolizing sensual femininity, witchcraft and universal fractals among other occultist tributes. There was a captivating art piece projected on a transparent cloth that displayed a moving Flower of Life. I could simultaneously enjoy the performance of Magda Onatra while glancing at the cycle of creation embarking in a hypnotic state where my body felt as light as a feather. The band teleported me to a witches’ revelry night like those during the reign of the King of England Henry VIII. Just as described by Theodore Roethke, I could feel the breeze, the pastoral fragrances and the whispers of women reciting invoking prayers while inhaling hallucinogenic henbane.


A few minutes later I was in the basement assisting ‘The Feast’ which was the highlight of the night. The decoration reminded me of Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’: artworks were an assemblage of human parts and Mother Nature such as fingers sprawling like branches and flowers blooming ears. The table at the centre of the venue was ornamented with mutated flowers, dormant stoned heads filled with vegetation and forest noises enchanted the space. Like at a feast, the guests sat around the nineteen-foot-long table, actualizing the fairytale, wearing horns, a bride's veil, sheep skin and drapes of another century. There were three static bodies crawled into balls surrounded by the earthy-inspired decorations that were particularly intriguing. Their knitted garments, ribbons and flowering plants paired with fishnet-like masks were outstanding. They looked uncanny to me like nymphs — eternally youthful female divinities — protecting Nature’s purity and fertility with the capacity to bewitch any violator. ‘The Feast’ began: I started ingesting the vibrating energies arising from the rhythm of the ritualistic techno. The slow crawling movements of the nymphs rapidly changed into contortions of their bodies rising on the table to perform rapid movements as if possessed by a majestic force celebrating regeneration and rebirth. 

Photograph by Siviwe Kapteyn on Unsplash

Cummings Twins (Photography by Dino Galdi)

Satiated by the spiritual buffet, I spent the rest of the night floating around admiring the colourful soft cocoons hanging from the ceiling, while the smell of palo santo hugged us within. Throughout the journey, my soul encountered other souls, many came intending to find answers. A space was dedicated to help you spiritually guide your life energy. Reiki sessions and psychic readings were happening while the rest of us were transpired by Saori Miraku’s high-vibrating solo piano. Surrounded by light and healing frequencies, I could see everyone’s auras brightening and expanding.

The drapes and candles in this fog of white gowns and ceremonial symbolism transported me to a scene of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). In red, Dessy Baeva was the black sheep with her candy apple fringed coat and her silver knee-high boots. While bringing back the 60s Rock n Roll, The Kobras Band accompanied the models displaying the sensual attires of the fashion show in a dynamic dancing performance. The night ended within the arms of trenchant Wednesday’s Child. These three young feminists broadcast sublime madness through their experimental psychedelic rock music. The lyrics were a contemplation of divine womanhood while stimulating an out-of-body experience. I left Alice’s white rabbit hole washed from a creeping existential dread. I felt revitalized and blessed by the incredible ecstatic ecosystem of the night.


The White Sabbath was a poignant event celebrating the middle point between the end of the summer and the start of the ascension of dark forces during the Samhain Season. Rising from a Celtic Pagan ceremony, the night manifested pure magic, earthly blessings and salt circles for a spiritually sacred gathering.

Performer Saori Miraku

(Photography by Thom Melograna)

Article by Francesca Nicolodi 

Event by @abintra8

Art Director: Laura Macij @lauramacij

Exhibition Curators: Mircha Ivens @mirchaivens & Sarah-Lou Maarek @slimrk_

Curation Assistants:

Melaine Huang @ihmelaine

Naomi Larh @naomilarh

Marie Hills @marie_hillsbutt

Performers "The Feast"

Lesley @lesleyforsure

Mahlia @mahlialeon

Amy @amydrasutis

Choreography "The Feast"


Performers "Rabbit Hole"

Laura Macij @lauramacij

Sarah-Lou Maarek @slimrk_

Isis @isisnoori

Marie Powell @m4arieluna

Light @lightxxnorth


Beth @beexbeth

Laura Hack @ethereallaura


Alena Bakeyeva


Millicent Sutton


Pati Starzykowski




Minju Kim


Zita Tan


Lou Baker


Sarah-Lou Maarek


Andie Aylsworth

Sound Performance: 

Sound Designer "The Feast"


Violinist: Nikolas Jokesz @bringer_of_hummus

Pianist Saori Miraku @saorimiraku

The Kobras @thekobrasband

Wednesday’s Child @wednesdayschildmusic

Magda Onatra @magda.onatra

Cummings Twins @cummingstwins

Dj Bella @bella_yoga_sound

Sound Assistants / Engineers:

Victorine @yucongpiano

William @byweelo

Visual Media:

Cummings Twins @cummingstwins

Sarah-Lou Maarek @slimrk_

Fashion Curation Assistant:

Melaine @ihmelaine


Dino Galdi @dinogaldi

Thom Melograna