The Body Project

Video and Art piece

by Alex Briseño 

The Body Project is a multi-media web series about my body and the beauty standards I grew up with and held myself to. 

This project is also a way for me to reflect on the way I have been treated and how that affected my self-image.

I am using this process to learn to love myself again and in asking others to reflect with me and be vulnerable, I hope to inspire people to not only be more inclusive but to reflect and grow their self-confidence in the way they feel is right for them.

Episode 1 is essentially an overview of what is to come. In the following episodes, I will dive deeper and talk more about my personal experiences, colorism, and the history of beauty standards for women of color, Fetishizing women of color, and have others share stories of their experiences and encouragement.

*Production of the next few episodes has been put on hold as I take a mental health break from this project. For updates, feel free to follow my instagram page linked below.

Episode 1

In this episode, I asked some of the women in my family to tell me about experiences they’ve had with body image and beauty standards growing up and mention some of my own.